Welcome to Grapevine India!

We’re a group of young writers and entrepreneurs;
who are trying to make sure that India has richer and more diverse stories to read, listen and watch.

If you want to tell a story, in print, audio or video,
get in touch with us at grapevineindiapublishers@gmail.com.

We are avid listeners of podcasts, audio books and radio. Our podcast – Indian Grapevine Podcast – was India’s first true storytelling podcast, inspired by the legendary show, This American Life. It became fairly popular in 2016 and found coverage in Huffington Post and Business World Magazine.

Audio story telling is going to be the next big trend, which is set to boom in 2017 with Audible about to launch its operations in India. We have done some interesting work in using audio story telling with corporates as well and it might be the solution you need, without realising it.

We started out as a book publishing company and hence books remain at the core of what we do. Having launched some of India’s highest selling authors, including Durjoy Datta, Nikita Singh and Sachin Garg, we now publish Fiction, Management, Economics and Biographies.

We have been discussed in most of mainstream media and long form story telling would always remain our first love. We believe that books are a much underutilized area by most businesses. Allow us to explain to you how.

Story telling, as an agent of change, is incomplete without visual depiction, a medium which has much wider reach than any other. Although we have been active on YouTube for years, it’s only in recent years that we have gotten regular. Feel free to write to us if you wish to collaborate in any way.

We are at contact@grapevineindia.com.